Google Says Site Loading Speed is Important as Content

Are you serious? The speed of your page may be as important as the relevant content on your site for how Google will rank you? According to Mr. Cutts of Google, the most important new factor for SEO rank maybe the speed at which your site loads.

What exactly will this mean for the millions of web managers, SEO professionals, companies and the agencies which serve them? It means that not only does your content need to be relevant; not only do you need to have appropriate keywords and back links, but the IT gurus will need to work closer with the marketing and SEO professionals on the overall web channel of the business. This has not always been a match made in heaven. It also means more investment in technology and IT infrastructure which hasn’t always seen the level of support it truly needs. In many companies it resembles the relationship between General McChrystal and President Obama. The General asks for troops and the President takes forever to send them while at the same time stating how he supports the troops. I have seen this played out in many companies. IT needs valuable resources to do their job successfully and the leadership of the company keeps shortchanging them for legitimate and sometimes illegitimate reasons.

Nonetheless, look for this struggle to expand if Google implements site load speed as one of the factors in page rankings. The lingering question in my mind is what about the multitude of outside factors that effect page load, such as the enduser’s computer and connection for example? Is Google taking any of that into account?

Here is the interview with Matt Cutts of Google

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