CEO’s Have a New Hope

For the many CEO’s and executives who are now seen as the EEEEEVIL, GREEEEEEEEDY Monsters who destroyed the economy through their lavish bonus plans, extravagant retreats, with the excessive and unnecessary perks including private jets, you now have a glimmer of hope. Through the incredible generosity of JetBlue Airlines, you now have a way to travel to the secret exotic destinations with your mistresses, or to grovel at the feet of the Senators for the Governmental witch hunt, farce, distraction, political show, committee hearings and save the taxpayers a great deal of money.

The marketing geniuses at JetBlue Airlines have devised a very clever ad campaign that is devilishly funny while at the same time providing the needed brand identification, the value proposition and the call to action – which sometimes gets missed in these clever campaigns. I really hand it to the marketing team. They did a great job. Viewers of these 3 chapters ads who are not in the category of evil executives can put the pitch forks down for a few minutes and have a good chuckle right before booking your flight on JetBlue Airlines.

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2 thoughts on “CEO’s Have a New Hope

  1. As one of the so-called Evil CEO’s I am not amused in the slightest. We have done nothing wrong. I bust my ass for my company and am paid to make the tough decisions. Those in Washington don’t know the first thing about running a business and need to be held in front of us for scrutiny and wasting out money, not the other way around.


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