Wigwam Resort, Oasis in the Desert

It can be difficult when you live in one section of town that is about 30 miles away from the “professional” business sector. Many networking events and higher paying jobs are in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and some in central or downtown Phoenix; but I hate driving downtown. We all make choices that we have to live with, and I accept my choice of where to live.

Anyway, I heard of a networking event that was going to hosted by the Wigwam Resort and Spa located in Litchfield park so I jumped at the opportunity. I was truly amazed at the level of service provided by the resort. I arrived early that afternoon to review the location and familiarize myself. I was dressed casual. Nonetheless, I was greeted warmly by the valet as I walked up to the entrance. The staff behind the guest counter was equally fabulous. When I was leaving, I forgot a question I wanted to ask and went to another counter located down the hall, and the person walked me to the location that I had inquired about, when she could have simply stayed in her seat answered my question. It doesn’t stop there. I walked passed 7 housekeeping personel and each one looked me in the eye and greeted me with a smile. Now that, I have only encountered at one other high end resort and that was the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. Not even the Ritz Carlton has offered that level of detail for me. Now, I was really curious about their policies and training etc. So I then inquired where the HR dept was located. I started to walk outside and as I was walking around the exterior, a groundskeeper named Juan, was riding in a golf cart and stopped to ask where I was headed and offered me a ride. Talk about Service Excellence. Keep in mind this is in Litchfield Park which is on the other side of the valley from Scottsdale, so the notion of service excellence is not even a consideration in most businesses, but this is not most businesses, it is the Wigwam Resort and Spa, which was built in the late 1800’s and is the only authentic Arizona Resort in the valley. It is a true 5 diamond resort with a phenominal fine dining steak house in the 5 diamond rated Red’s Steak House.
While at the networking event I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Sara Gilmore, the Fun Supervisor. It is her role to plan, coordinate and set up fun events and activities for the guests and community who also enjoy all of the great activities hosted by the Wigwam such as dance classes, cooking classes etc. Yes, they also have a nice pool, an award winning golf course and they have an incredible spa that attracts many celebrities and the high profiled wealthy who choose this location when they want a genuine atmoshpere built on tradition and history as well as a respect of privacy or a rest from the limelight; all of which Scottsdale can not offer.

I also met with Mark Hutchins who is the Director of Catering. He shared with me the many high companies that come to the Wigwam over and over again. After experienceing the high level of service, the authentic atmosphere and beautiful decor, I can understand why they come back.

Another interesting fact that I found out is that the Wigwam Resort and Spa implemented and internalized the teachings of the Dinsney Institute. From the very top to the very bottom, each staff member fully understands the utmost importance of their role in the success of the Wigwam Resort and making the stay of each guest and visitor extremely comfortable and memorable. This team of professionals have gone above and beyond theĀ  above and beyond.

Other resorts in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley can not hold a bic lighter let alone a candle to the Wigwam Resort of Litchfield Park AZ. While they are pretentious pretenders offering overpriced rooms with mediocre service with limited amenities and even the newest member of the Resorts is already in foreclosure and they just opened a couple of months ago! Then there is the Wigwam Resort and Spa, located in Litchfield Park AZ. It may be close to Luke Airforce base and not in the most exclusive zip code of the valley, but the Wigwam Resort and Spa IS close to the University of Phoenix Stadium – home of the AZ Cardinals, it IS close to spring traing camps of Major League Baseball Teams. It IS close to both the Estrella Mountains and White Tank Mountains which holds many foot, bike and horse trails. Most importantly is the fact that the Wigwam Resort and Spa gets it when it comes to service excellence and that is why they have little challence in filling rooms and booking events, where others aren’t so fortunate.

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5 thoughts on “Wigwam Resort, Oasis in the Desert

  1. For a truly unique and authentic Arizona vacation you must try the Wigwam resort. The amenities are beautiful and the scenery will take your breath away. Don’t take my word for it, visit it for yourself. You won’t regret it.


  2. I travel to Phoenix fairly frequently on business from Atlanta and usually stay in Scottsdale, however I tried the Wigwam and Red’s Steakhouse last week and was very glad I did. My wife and I were overwhelmed by the amenities and the level of service that was provided by the Resort staff.

    Thank you for sharing the post.


  3. Very nice post. You have sold me on trying out the Wigwam. I will be there next month visiting family and have booked my stay at the Wigwam Resort.


  4. I was just there at the renovated Wigwam last month and your experience in 2009 was the same as mine in 2011. My wife and daughter absolutely loved the spa and the golf course is great as well. I had a fabulous meal at Red’s Steak House. The service is impeccable at all levels and every area that we encountered. And yes, even one of the housekeeper greeted me with a warm hello in the hall.


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