Introducing Richard Saling


I am not sure how you ultimately found my blog. As you read this though, I want you to know that I appreciate that you’re here. Listen, as you hear all kinds of competing messages from various sources and see how some is good and some is bad, some advice works for your situation and some, not so much, and as you look at your screen on this site, you may be wondering about the worth of this blog.

I feel it’s important to be congruent and honest with myself and those around me. Obviously, we may not know each other or may have not met in person yet. I don’t know if my expertise can help you or solve the challenges you face. I have been able to bring value to a lot of clients and companies I have worked for and continue to strive for personal excellence. Typically, people appreciate my work ethic and attitude and the natural outcome after meeting me is 1 of 2 possibilities: You immediately see the value I can bring your company as an employee or contractor OR we see that my skill set is not a good fit and you introduce me to others in your network where my experience and education are a better fit. Before I get too far ahead of myself though…

Allow myself to introduce… Myself. My name is Richard Saling. I am a former Marine Veteran working as a marketing and advertising professional holding an MBA with management experience living in Scottsdale Arizona.  I am a contributing author on a few different websites. I also speak to different business groups on topics such as social media, and the link between operations, employee engagement, customer experience and your marketing. I also gain a great deal of fulfillment from volunteering with Michael Bernoff and being a member of his leadership team and participating in his signature event twice a year – the Core Strength Experience. If you also see the immense value from continuous personal development and growth or have an interest in NLP (Neuro Liguistic Programming) then I highly recommend seeking him out and working with him. He has taken what we already know about NLP and found even more powerful techniques based on psychology and the latest brain science to create Human Interaction Technology (H.I.T.). But my blog isn’t about him.

This blog has been up since 2007 and has grown from about 30 hits a day to most recently in 2014 about 500 hits a day. It has never generated any job leads, clients or any business at all until 2014. I am very grateful for my followers. This goes to show how perseverance and continued progress toward an outcome will be rewarded.

I think the secret to my slow and steady, deliberate growth is my being true to my interests and not posting drivel. I don’t give a rip about what anyone thinks or doesn’t think of me. I know my value.  I will keep posting my thoughts, ideas and commentary on things that interest me from Marketing, Advertising, Social Media to Personal Development and ultimately , being congruent with the person or brand that you are capable of being. After all, The ultimate goal in this crazy life is to constantly grow and expand our comfort zone. Playing small has never helped anyone.

Having said that; I am actively looking for a management role in the Scottsdale Arizona area where I am responsible for either people, process or projects.

My commitment to you is that you will by, at the end of our conversation have enough information to make a firm decision.

So when now is the best time to discuss how I can bring value to your organization?

On the chance, someone out there wants a conversation, my contact info is below:

Contact me today at 602.206.3911 or at
Richard on Twitter Connect with Richard on LinkedIn Richard Saling Marketing Manager


2 thoughts on “Introducing Richard Saling

  1. I love your straightforward approach to not caring what people think. I’m new to the blogging arena, and a little thin-skinned at this point, but I hope that I can handle negativity with aplomb. :) I wish you the very best of luck with your blog!

    Best wishes,


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