Introducing Richard Saling


Allow myself to introduce… Myself. My name is Richard Saling. I live in Scottsdale Arizona. This blog has been up since 2007 and averages about 30 hits a day. It has never generated any job leads, clients or any business at all.

At first, I sincerely thought it would, but after 7 years of posting, it is clear that my ideas either suck, aren’t interesting enough to get legitimate comments or they just aren’t being seen.

Guess what. I don’t give a rip about what anyone thinks or doesn’t think of me. I know my value.  I will keep posting my thoughts, ideas and commentary on things that interest me from Marketing, Advertising, Social Media to Personal Development and ultimately , being congruent with the person or brand that you are capable of being. After all, The ultimate goal in this crazy life is to constantly grow and expand our comfort zone. Playing small has never helped anyone. Check out the Marketing and Advertising work done at Vilocity Interactive and follow us @VilocityTweets

On the chance, someone out there wants a conversation, my contact info is below:

Contact me today at 602.206.3911 or at
Richard on TwitterConnect with Richard on LinkedIn


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